Project Description

The Team Foundation Server Word Add-in allows you to import work items from a Team Foundation Server Team Project and generate professional-looking Word documents from TFS Work items.

Note that users will need to be appropriately licensed for Team Foundation Server access when using this tool. See the licensing whitepaper for more information.


Visual Studio ALM Rangers

This tool is created by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, who have the mission to provide out of band solutions for missing features and/or guidance. This content was created with support from the Microsoft Product Group, members of Microsoft Services, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and technical specialists from technology communities around the globe, giving you a real-world view from the field, where the technology has been tested and used.

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What is included in the downloads?

The solution is divided in separate packages to give you the choice of selective downloads. The default download is the first of the listed packages:

  • User Guide
  • Installer(s)

Top features:

  • Import of work items from TFS
  • Support for multiple queries
  • Support for flat, direct link and tree queries.
  • Customisable layouts
  • Refresh

The Epics included in the guidance are:

  • I would like to generate a beautiful Word document from TFS Work items
  • I would like a simple installer that will allow me quickly and easily to access the plug-in's functionality

Future Plans

  • Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 support
  • Bi-directional support to read work items from and write to Team Foundation Server

External References



Bijan Javidi, Bob Hardister, Danny Crone, Cesar Solis Brito, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracin, Jahangeer Mohammed, James Pickell, Mattias Sköld, Mike Schimmel, Rob Jarratt, Siddharth Bhatia, Willy-Peter Schaub

How to submit new ideas?

The recommended method is to post ideas to the Discussions Page or to contact the Rangers at


Post comments on the Discussions Page and new ideas in UserVoice:


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